Thursday, 17 May 2012

'Une Petite Exposition' Opened by infamous forger John Myatt

John Myatt (right) at the opening
John Myatt, who was involved in the biggest art con in the UK, kindly opened the
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Show ‘Une Petite Exposition’ with a wonderful speech that
commended the artistry but also the commitment to paint the whole show entirely on
location, in front of the motif, an approach which he described as ‘sadly in decline’.
John had become aware of my work through also using the framing service at the Art
Studio, where the exhibition was held.

John went to Brixton prison for being involved in “the biggest art fraud of the 20th
century” and is now one of the UK’s fastest selling artists. I thoroughly appreciated
his time and kind words.

The exhibition was a success, with a large turn-out, including other local artists I admire Jiri Borsky and Peter Ecclestone.

Find more information about John Myatt’s fascinating story on his website - http://

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