Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Oil Painting 61 - Portrait of Clive Henderson

I am delighted to have had the support of the Canal and River Trust throughout this project. A percentage of all proceeds from the Year of the Boat exhibitions (see exhibitions page) and the supporting merchandise shall be donated to the trust.


When I was asked to paint the portrait of former IWA Chairman Clive Henderson as a thank you from the Trust for playing an instrumental role in its establishment, I jumped at the opportunity.

I have spent a few days with Clive sat on the lock gate outside his house producing the oil-painted portrait. The painting shall be presented to him by Canal and River Trust at the launch of the Birmingham Year of the Boat Exhibition, and as I don't want to spoil the surprise you only get to see the pencil sketch at this stage!

Oil Painting 60 - Winter Scene on the Trent and Mersey

The unusual tan colour of the Trent and Mersey at this point is heightened by the pure white of the fresh snow which is enough to make even the regal resident swans look dirty against this backdrop. The 'tan' of the canal is caused by it passing through a geological area of iron ore which I am guessing occurs somewhere in the Harecastle tunnel as it flows in a murky green and comes out almost a golden brown. There is a strange point with the Macclesfield Canal aqueduct over the Trent and Mersey just after the tunnel where you have a green canal flowing over a tan brown.

I have had a few snow painting experiences in the past, some have been white outs where the snow landing thickly on the palette has meant I've given up, but although it was snowing whilst producing this piece it was thin enough not to obstruct the process.

Snow and canal boats! Not too many outdoor paintings over the winter you may have noticed, we have been producing animations to help fund the Year of the Boat, but I assure you we didn't shy away from fully experiencing the freeze from the boat.