Monday, 15 October 2012

Oil Painting 49 - Evesham sketch

I only had an hour of light to try and capture something at Evesham on the Saturday evening of our weekend rush up the River Avon. We had a glorious Saturday but were aware heavy rain was around the corner and with the country already waterlogged we thought we had better not hang around and get off the river. The Sunday was hard work with torrential rain all day, the river warning system pushed up from green to amber just as we were getting on the Stratford canal. Although the River Avon got noticeably faster towards Stratford, our main danger was the river locks, requiring skilled rope work and constant concentration to avoid having your boat thrown around. But we made it through and know a bit more now.

There was heavy flooding in Worcestershire as a result of this rain so we were glad to be on the Stratford canal, although the constant downpours made the initial climb up out of Stratford difficult and unenjoyable. It felt like we had hit and were clambering over another wall in the project.

Not to dwell on the negative though, the Saturday sunny River Avon trip from Twekesbury to Evesham was spectacular from the word go starting in thick morning mist that made you feel like you were still half asleep, and going on to see my first Black Swan (other than a pub!)

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