Friday, 30 March 2012

Oil Painting 8 - Winnington Works in evening sun, Anderton

Winnington Works is a huge industrial complex directly opposite The Anderton Boat Lift and after finishing painting the lift for the day (Oil Painting 7) I would make my way over to paint this in the late sun. I was attracted by quite abstract values, the obvious continuous circular pattern in the River Weaver caused by an overflow from the Trent and Mersey above and how the reflection of the works was affected by that.

The works started out as a huge oddly shaped silhouette but as the sun progressed round it slowly caught more and more of the orange light. The Hunts Lock operator on the River Weaver told me that this works accidentally invented Polythene as a by-product.

I was wanting to capture one of these enormous chemical and salt works of industry in oils ever since passing the first one way back in Middlewich and finally got round to it here in Anderton. I can see already that is going to be a running theme with this trip, seeing something spectacular, but the frustrations and logistics of getting round to paint the subject in the tight time frames before moving on again. I guess I have to just embrace the added energy that comes with knowing you haven't got long.

Photographs by Karen - KS Photography

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