Friday, 30 March 2012

Pencil Sketch 4 - Northwich Town Swing Bridge

A cheeky one to try and sneak in before our return passage up the Anderton Boat Lift. I think you can tell the sketch is quite rushed but I wanted to respond to the bridges of Northwich. I was enjoying the black and white paintwork and the movement of the traffic through the structure disappearing into the town although I don't think the sketch got the stage of properly visualising the traffic. Oh well. it is still good exercise to try and capture something as quickly as possible. I am delighted that this transient life of perpetual movement on board a boat seems to reigniting my desire for quick sketching on location which I am aware I have pretty much ignored in my practice since my study at The Princes Drawing School in London where we would do plenty of rapid sketching of scenes of intense interest around the streets of the capital.

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  1. Surrealist Poetry from a Blog

    M.Pointon 2012

    this transient life of perpetual movement
    scenes of intense interest
    respond to the bridges
    reigniting my desire