Friday, 30 March 2012

Oil Painting 9 - 'Kitch'

I was helped to moor up before the Preston Brook Tunnel by a fascinating looking fellow called 'Kitch'. Kitch was covered in tattoos and had a bizarre broken nose. I really wanted to paint him sat on a little wooden bench on the towpath next to his wood pile and a carved face he had produced from a found piece of sandstone in the woods next to us. He told me he had seen a jet black mink across the other side of the canal the day before.

The dappled sunlight was releasing some glorious colours. I would have liked longer with the painting but it wasn't to be. I want to paint more characters' portraits on the canals but time restrictions and the availability of people to sit for long periods are a big factor. I wonder how Vinny coped...

Portrait of a young Peasant - Vincent Van Gogh

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